How to find qualified professionals and affordable treatment options for mental health concerns?

We understand the challenges many face in finding affordable and qualified care. It is a good habit to recognise the importance of seeking help for your mental health. You can use some of these parameters to find affordable and qualified mental health professionals in India or nearby you:


1. Cost: Fees of consultation & treatment:

  • Online therapy platforms often offer lower costs than traditional in-person therapy. Explore options like CareMe Health.
  • Consider therapists who offer sliding scale fees based on your income.

2. Insurance coverage:

  • Investigate if your health insurance plan covers mental health services and what portion it covers. This can help narrow your search to therapists who accept your insurance.

:bulb: Note: You may also try to know the available government initiatives or insurance policies (i.e. Ayushman Bharat, State Health Insurance Policies, etc.) that can be beneficial for your mental health treatment.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Therapist Credentials: Look for therapists with licenses relevant to your needs. Common options include psychiatrists (MD), psychologists (M.A. or Ph.D. in Psychology), or registered clinical counsellors (M.A. in Counseling).

  • Experience: Inquire about the therapist’s experience treating your specific concern (e.g., anxiety, depression). Having a therapist who specializes in your issue can be beneficial.

Fit and Communication Style:

  • Therapeutic Approach: Research different therapy approaches (e.g., CBT, DBT) and find one that resonates with you. This can help you narrow your search on online platforms that allow filtering therapists by their approach.

  • Communication style: Consider factors like language preference and whether you prefer in-person or online therapy. Many platforms offer video and chat options, making therapy more accessible.

Find therapists by using these parameters:


  • You are not alone. Mental health concerns are common, and seeking help is a sign of strength.
  • There are affordable options available. Don’t hesitate to explore different resources.
  • Finding the right therapist takes time. Don’t be discouraged if the first one isn’t a perfect fit. Interview a few therapists and know if it works for you or not.

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Tips

  • For instant help, call the MANAS mental health helpline number 18008914416 or 14416, an initiative of the National Tele Mental Health Program of India by MoHFW (Government of India)
  • You can also visit the tele-Manas portal for consultation of rehabilitation (ManoAshrya) centres available in respective states.

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