Why Complaint Hub App?

In the “Complaint Hub App” section, members of the Complainthub citizen community can get guides and tips for navigating and using the Complaint Hub App efficiently with the latest features :books:. Here, you can access all the essential information and support you need to fully benefit from the app’s features and functionalities such as how to file a complaint, selecting states, posting on feeds, registering yourself as a user, helper, or business, etc.

Do you have a question or need some help? Feel free to start a conversation in this section to receive guidance, useful tips, and problem-solving support from fellow community members :hammer_and_wrench:. Whether you’re seeking assistance, want to overcome a challenge, or have valuable insights and feedback about the app to share, this is your go-to spot :star2:. Please share screenshots, links, or other information related to the issue with the Complaint Hub App.