Epfo higher pension

I, V S V BHASKAR submit that I worked in KHAIR STEEL REROLLING MILLS SURVEY NO. 184. JALPALLY VILLAGE, NEAR GAGANPAHAD, R.R. DIST. Telangana from 01.04.1998 to 31.03.2012. My PPO :APHYD00068744 My Employee ID: APHYD00262030000000100 I applied for Higher Pension online on 27.04.2023. I received ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NO. 230427172337009430830. 13 MONTHS COMPLETED. No any information. I went to Barkathpura office. No proper responce. I came back
helplessly to my home. On 23.05.2024 I registered complaint in EPFIGMS Registration No.ROHBD/E/2024/07727 UAN not alloted to me.
Without any proof simply they replied as below:
Sir/madam, This is to inform that higher pension application has not been received at this office. Advised to contact employer for further information.
I did not apply for Higher Pension through employer and my employer was closed permanently in 2018
My Contribution details:

salary Period Employee Employer contribution
Contibution 12&
12% ----------------------------
Pension Balance
contribution transfered
on to
6500 x 8.33% employee

6600/- Jan,2008 to Dec,2008 792 541 251
7600/- Jan,2009 to Dec,2009 912 541 371
8600/- Jan,2010 to Dec,2010 1032 541 491
9000/- Jan,2011 to Mar,2011 1080 541 539
9200/-Apr,2011 to Feb.2012 1104 541 563
15530/- March,2012 1864 541 1323
I had only acknowledgement number as a proof of submission of higher pension application.
I request you to kindly help me to get higher pension and pension arrears
thanking you
vsv bhaskar

Dear @Maruthi

With your acknowledgement, you can contact your regional office of EPFO with copies of supporting documents. Further, you can approach your zonal office.

To contact your zonal office of EPFO in Hyderabad, you can use the phone number, email, and postal address of Office of the Addl. Central Provident Fund Commissioner, TELANGANA provided on the directory page of their official website.

If you have already visited the regional Barkathpura office and your complaint is not addressed actively, file your complaint to the Grievance Cell at EPFO under the Ministry of Finance on the Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) portal.

Finally, you can approach the Pension Ombudsman of PFRDA.

While lodging your complaints with EPFO, please provide all supporting documents and statements to the authorities. Additionally, you can use the Umang App to lodge your complaints regarding EPFO.

For more information, read: How can you file complaints of Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO)?