How to use Complaint Hub Citizen Community to Ask Question or for Help?

Have complaints, queries, or questions? Don’t hesitate to get help from our trusted members of the Complaint Hub Citizen Community. We will try to resolve your problems or give you suggestions on what to do based on our previous experiences.

Step 1: Access the Community

  • Open to Dashboard.
  • Click the Sign Up button in the top right corner to register, or log in if you already have an account.

Step 2: Register Your Account

  • Fill in the required details to create your account.
  • Alternatively, use your Google or X (formerly Twitter) account to register or log in.

Step 3: Verify and Log In

  • Verify your account via email (if applicable).
  • Log in using your preferred method: Google, X, or Email.

Step 4: Ask your question

  • Click the Ask a Question button to ask questions, seek help, or report issues.
  • Engage with our trusted members who are ready to assist.

Step 5: Title of Your Post/Question

  • Title your post clearly to reflect your query or issue.

Step 6: Choose the Right Category

  • Select a relevant category for your post, such as Community, Finance, Health, or Education.

Step 7: Add Tags (Optional)

  • Apply suitable tags to your question to help members find and address your query more efficiently.

Step 8: Detail Your Inquiry

  • Describe your issue comprehensively.
  • Include images, facts, or hints to aid in problem-solving.

Step 9: Publish Your Question

  • Hit the Submit button to post your query.
  • Receive notifications when community members respond with solutions.

Step 10: Acknowledge Helpful Responses

  • At the bottom of your post, you can edit, flag spam, bookmark, delete, or reply.
  • Highlight the most helpful Solution by tapping the button and pinning it to the top of the thread.

Don’t forget to provide your feedback or ask questions regarding this guide, if needed more help. We will help you.