Answer the 10 Questions for Entertainment & Social Media Complaints

Must include answers to these questions while asking a question or getting help from the Complaint Hub Citizen Community regarding complaints or issues related to Entertainment and Social Media platforms:

  1. Which platform is your complaint regarding? (e.g., Streaming service X, Social media platform Y (Facebook, Instagram, X, Koo, Youtube, WhatsApp, etc.))

  2. What kind of content are you experiencing an issue with? (e.g., Inappropriate content, Copyright infringement, Spam)

  3. Can you describe the specific content or behaviour that sparked your complaint? (Provide a text box for a detailed explanation)

  4. Have you attempted to report the issue through the platform’s official channels? (Yes/No)

  5. If yes, what was the outcome of your report? (e.g., No response, Received automated reply)

  6. Do you have any screenshots or evidence to support your claim? (Yes/No - Option to upload files)

  7. What specific action do you hope will be taken in response to your complaint? (e.g., Content removal, Account suspension)

  8. Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience? (Provide a text description for additional details)

  9. Would you like to be contacted for further information? (Yes/No)

  10. Would you like to see a similar complaint option for other types of online interactions? (Yes/No)

This will help you to get answers to similar problems asked earlier by any community member. We will further help you to resolve your concerns as per the applicable laws within your jurisdiction.

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