Where to make consumer product complaints in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) prioritizes consumer protection, for complaints related to faulty, counterfeit, and fake products or difficulties obtaining refunds. This guide defines how to file complaints regarding consumer products in the UAE.

Government Authorities:

1. Ministry of Economy (MoE):

The MoE is the primary government entity overseeing consumer protection in the UAE. You can conveniently file a complaint electronically through their website or mobile application, or by calling their toll-free number:

  • Online: File your consumer complaint on the official website by submitting a complaint form online (moec.gov.ae).
  • Mobile App: “UAE MoE” (available on iOS and Android)
  • Toll-Free Number (Hotline): 800-1222 (Arabic and English)
  • Email: info@economy.ae

2. Department of Economic Development (DED):

Each Emirate in the UAE has its DED department dedicated to handling consumer complaints. You can locate their contact information online (ded.ae) or visit their service centers in person.

What can you file a complaint about?

You can submit a complaint regarding various product-related issues, including:

  • Defective Products: This includes faulty electronics, damaged furniture, defective clothing or footwear, products that fail to meet safety regulations, or items that don’t function as advertised.

  • Cash Refund Issues: If you’re experiencing difficulties obtaining a refund for a faulty product or service, you can also include this in your complaint. Examples include retailers refusing refunds for malfunctioning products, service providers withholding refunds for undelivered services, or encountering hidden fees not disclosed upfront.

:warning: Note: Don’t trap in scams or financial frauds. Always protect your financially sensitive information and do not share it online or to any person/platform without verification.

Filing a Complaint Online:

The MoE has an integrated online grievance redressal platform for filing complaints electronically. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the MoE website and navigate to the “Consumer Protection (u.ae)” section within the “eServices” menu.
  2. Select “Register a Complaint” and identify yourself as a “Consumer” filing the complaint.
  3. Complete the online form by providing your contact information, details about the product or service in question, a clear description of the issue encountered, and any relevant supporting documentation, such as receipts or invoices.
  4. The online system allows you to attach pictures or videos as additional evidence to strengthen your claim.
  5. Once you’ve reviewed the information for accuracy, submit your complaint and retain the reference number provided for future reference.

Following submission, the MoE will review your complaint and may contact you for further details or to arrange a mediation process with the seller involved.


  • Emirates Society for Consumer Protection (ESCP): While not a government entity, the ESCP offers valuable guidance and support to consumers in the UAE. Further information can be found on their website (available in Arabic).

  • Local Consumer Protection Departments: Each Emirate have its dedicated consumer protection department. You can visit the DED website of your specific Emirate for any additional resources they may offer.

By utilizing these resources and filing a well-documented complaint, you can safeguard your consumer rights within the UAE. Remember, the more comprehensive your complaint and the stronger your supporting evidence, the smoother the resolution process will be.

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