Who to call for noise complaints in USA?

You can call the police for noise complaints in the USA if the noise is loud enough to be disruptive between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. During other times, you should contact your local noise ordinance enforcement office. Here’s what you can do:

Who to Call :telephone_receiver:

  • Non-Emergency Police Line: This is your best bet for ongoing, disruptive noise disturbances. Look up and call to your local police department’s non-emergency number. Remember not to dial 911 for noise complaints; use the non-emergency number instead🚨.
  • Call 311 (If Available): Many cities have a 311 service :calling: for non-emergency municipal issues, including noise complaints. :cityscape:
  • Code Enforcement: Some cities have code enforcement departments that handle chronic or persistent noise violations. :warning:

Contact HOA or Landlord :houses:

If you’re experiencing noise within your apartment complex or neighbourhood with a Homeowners Association (HOA), the first step may be to contact your landlord, tenant association, building owner, superintendent, or HOA management. :house:

Remember, mediation :handshake: can also help you speak directly to someone about noise issues.

For more help, read this: How can you register a noise pollution complaint? - Environment Safety

Before You Call :spiral_notepad:

  • You should search online for “[your city/county] noise ordinance” to understand the specific regulations :mag_right:.
  • Note dates, times, duration, and the type of noise (music, barking dogs, construction, etc.). This will strengthen your complaint.
  • If possible, record the noise from inside your house with your smartphone or other device, including the date and time :memo:.

Try a Friendly Approach (If Possible) :blush:: If you feel comfortable and safe, talk to your neighbour directly about the noise issue. It may be a simple misunderstanding.


  • Be specific and calm when making the complaint: Clearly explain the issue and how it’s disrupting :relieved: your life.
  • If you’ve documented the noise, let the authorities know.
  • Some locations allow anonymous complaints, but having your contact information may help authorities follow up if needed :wink:.

Laws and procedures vary across different cities, counties, and states. It’s always best to research the exact process for your specific location :world_map:.

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