Bill amount not updating online and Doesn't getting mobile updates

Name: Lakshmi kumari Maddila
USC No: 6222205077533

Hi Team,

I have two issues with my USC.

  1. I tried to pay the bill amount through online, the amount not reflecting. Everytime i am doing advance payment only.
  2. Mobile number not updated. I am not receiving any SMS when the bill was generated.

I have tried to fix the both through online using the website and app and no luck.

Could you please check and resolve the both issues.


Dear @maddila,

As per your question, you’re having trouble with your USC bill payment and receiving SMS notifications.

To help you best, please tell me:

  • What is USC: Knowing this will help me connect you with the right resources.
  • The specific details of your online payment issue: For example, did you get an error message? Was the payment deducted from your account?

Once I have this information, I can guide you on how to resolve both issues with your bill payment.

:warning: Note: To ensure your safety and privacy, please do not share any sensitive information in your posts or replies, including financial details or personal data.