How to file complaints about Nagar Nigam or Nagarpalika Parishad/Panchayat through E-NagarSewa UP?

If you have complaints about online urban civic services like property tax, water/sewerage, trade license, etc., file a complaint to the respective department of your urban local bodies (Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayat, and Nagar Parishad) in Uttar Pradesh.

To raise a disputed matter, use the e-Nagarsewa online Public Grievance portal. For this, follow this guide and you may e-mail, call the respective officers, or lodge a complaint online by filling out an online web form:

Steps to File an Online Complaint:

  1. Access eNagarSewa: Visit the eNagarSewa portal ( and log in using your citizen credentials.

  2. Navigate to Public Grievance Section: Under “Citizen Services,” select “DCCC/Online Public Grievance.” Login to your account.

  3. Fill in Complaint Details:

    • Select your district, ULB (Urban Local Body), zone, and ward.
    • Choose the category/nature of your complaint (e.g., property tax, water/sewerage).
    • Provide a detailed description of the issue, including relevant facts and references.
    • Attach supporting documents if available (bills, receipts, photos, etc.).
    • Enter your name, address, and contact information.
  4. Submit and Note Reference ID: After submitting, carefully note the reference ID or grievance ID. You’ll need this to track the progress of your complaint.

If you need help, contact the helpdesk of eNagarSewa here:

For complaints related to water/drainage services, contact the Jalkal Department.

Escalation to higher Authority:

  • Stage 1: Your complaint is initially handled by the relevant department within your local body. If unresolved within the specified time frame (usually mentioned in the Citizen’s Charter), proceed to stage 2.

  • Stage 2: Escalate your complaint to the designated officer using email, a written application, or the eNagarSewa web form. Include the reference ID from stage 1.

  • Stage 3: If still unresolved or dissatisfied, escalate to the highest authority within your local body (Nagar Ayukta, Executive Officer, or Municipal Commissioner). Again, reference the previous complaint ID.

Public Grievance Cell:

If the local body’s internal mechanism fails, lodge a complaint with their Public Grievance Cell using the provided forms (available for download on the website) or through eNagarSewa.

Directorate of Local Bodies:

As a last resort, escalate to the state level by filing a complaint online through Jansunwai UP (Samadhan) or via email to Always include reference IDs from previous stages.

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Tips:

  • Always keep copies of all communication and reference IDs.
  • Consult the Citizen’s Charter of your local body for specific timelines and procedures.
  • If you need to find information, consider filing an RTI request through eNagarSewa.

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