How to register complaint about OpenAI ChatGPT?

I am facing an issue with the ChatGPT server being down every night I want to file a complaint about the services of OpenAI ChatGPT. I am a paid customer of OpenAI ChatGPT.

To register a complaint about OpenAI ChatGPT, you can follow these steps and use the email to report your concerns:

Online ChatGPT Support:

  • Visit the OpenAI Help Center at
  • Click on the chat bubble icon in the bottom right corner to start a conversation with the support team.
  • Tap "“Messages” option
  • Click “Ask a question” button
  • If you have an account, log in by clicking “Login now” or use the “Help” button.
  • Select your topic of issue.
  • Ask your question or submit your complaints about ChatGPT services such as server outage, error message, billing disputes, bug, getting “Something went wrong” or wrong/explicit content

The support team will respond instantly or send you message through your registered email.

Additionally, from the ChatGPT Help Center, you can click on “Search for help” and browse through the topics. Once the “Send us a message” button appears, click on it. Select the topic that you need help with and follow the on-screen instructions to file your complaint.


For general inquiries, you can reach out to For support-related questions or concerns, including issues or errors with ChatGPT, email

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Note: OpenAI does not have a publicly listed phone number for customer support or hotlines. While talking to executive on chat support, provide as much detail as possible in your communications within your response from the OpenAI team.

In many cases, the team will respond you by your registered email within a few business days, but response times may vary depending on the volume of inquiries. Remember to include your email address associated with your OpenAI account when reaching out for billing or subscription issues.

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