Swiggy: notorious and unethical ways of making money

Swiggy: notorious and unethical ways of making money.
The delivery boy comes to the gate and calls. Since the number was not answered due to pre occupancy, the delivery boy goes back with the ordered goods and deposits the goods in their store.
Swiggy now charges 100% as cancellation charge. Isn’t it funny and criminal?
The last resort is to approach consumer court and boycott such aggregators.
The lost amount is Rs. 1900 today but it coud be much bigger for other customers.
Swiggy: respond

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Dear @Chandrakant_Marathe

First, you should register your complaint about the delivery of food and cancellation of order with the support team of Swiggy by calling their customer care number or online chat support.

If you have already lodged your complaint but not resolved, use the provided ticket ID or acknowledgement receipt to make your consumer complaint against Swiggy with the National Consumer Helpline (NCH).