How to contact Range Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) of Tamil Nadu Police?

If your escalated police complaints or FIRs (including citizen grievances, corruption cases, or harassment) are not resolved by district SP in your district, escalate the case to the Range Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) office of your area.

In case, you have not yet lodged a complaint or FIR, file an online police complaint or e-FIR to Tamil Nadu Police. You can also visit the nearest local police station to lodge an FIR with the designated officer or SHO.

You can contact the range police control room by calling at the provided phone number and emailing with reference/case number and supporting documents.

Contact Range DIG:

Range DIG Phone Number Email
DIG Kancheepuram +914427239009
DIG Villupuram +914146223620
DIG Vellore +914162232602
DIG Coimbatore +914222215000
DIG Salem +914272400900
DIG Trichy +914312333909
DIG Thanjavur +914362277577
DIG Dindigul +914512411800
DIG Ramnad +914567290780
DIG Tirunelveli +914622908037
DIG Madurai +914522531317

If not resolved, escalate the case to Zonal Inspector General of Police (IG) office with all supporting evidence.

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Note: If your police complaints or FIRs are not resolved (including issues related to corruption and harassment), lodge a public grievance online to the Appellate Officer for Tamil Nadu Police at Home Department through the “Integrated and Inclusive Public Grievance CM Helpline Management System (IIPGCMS)” portal of the government of Tamil Nadu.

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