How to contact Director General of Police (DGP) of Rajasthan Police?

If your previously escalated police complaints or FIRs (including issues related to citizen services or criminal activities) are not resolved by the District Superintendent of Police (SP) and Range Inspector General of Police (IG) of your area, escalate it to the Director General of Police (DGP) office at state police headquarters or contact the state police control room by calling at the provided phone number and emailing with reference/case number and supporting documents.

In case, you have not yet lodged a complaint or FIR, file an online police complaint or e-FIR to Rajasthan Police. You can also visit the nearest local police station to lodge an FIR with the designated officer or SHO.

Contact DGP Office:

Department Phone Number Email
DGP Rajasthan +911412744435
DG Administration, Law & Order, R.A.C., & S.D.R.F. +911412740690
DG SCRB & Cyber Crime and Technical Services (T&T) +911412744851
ADGP ATS & SOG +911412600123
ADGP Railways +911412744194
ADGP Vigilance +91141274019
ADGP Crime +911412740873
ADGP Traffic +911412742144

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Note: If your previously escalated police complaints are not resolved or have complaints about the functioning of the Police (misuse of power and corruption), lodge an online public grievance to the Appellate Officer for Rajasthan Police at the Home Department through the “Rajasthan Sampark (e-Samadhan)” portal of the government of Rajasthan.

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