Not allowed to carry toy gun as a checked-in luggage in Air India flight

On 25-May-24, I travelled from Delhi to Pune on an Air India flight. The PNR number for my trip was 6GG7FB. I travelled with my family. Along with me, I had my wife, Son and daughter. we checked 3 bags we checked in the airport.

For a carry-on bag, we planned for a toy gun (as this was a gift pack), Laptop bag, camera bag and kid’s bag. We went for a security check. The CISF authorities at the security check told me that I cannot have toy guns in my carry-on bag. The CISF inspector suggested that I can request Air India staff to carry toy run as a cheked-in baggage.

Since we were 4 people travelling and we have only 3 checked-in bags, so from security check and I went back to Air India counter to check-in Toy-gun. I could officially have 4th item as a checked-in item with no fees.

The staff at the Air India counter redirected me to the Air India supervisor counter to check in the toy gun, as boarding was scheduled to start at 15:55 Hours. I explained my situation, and requested to check-in the toy gun. She simply rejected the option of checking-in the toy gun, stating that it was against the rules and toy guns are not allowed. Air India supervisor was not aware of Air India guidelines for UNSAFE AND RESTRICTED ITEMS. Air India’s website clearly states that toy guns are allowed to be checked in, according to their guidelines. Here is the website reference

here is reference of screenshot.


I read UNSAFE AND RESTRICTED ITEMS guideline later and it gave me deails that toy gun is allowed as checked-in bag. After that I raise incident 06280943 with Air India but I did not get satifisfied answer.

Here is the reply which I got from Air India.

Dear Mr. Pant,

Greetings from Air India!

We would like to inform you that based on our investigation and records, any actions taken by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) are related to security protocols. As an airline, we cannot interfere with their decisions or procedures. We have already communicated the response after an investigation please consider this final response as we do not have other inputs to add to it.

We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Abhishek Malhotra
Team Air India

CISF reference is valid for carry-on baggage but not correct for checked in. I agree with CISF’s security point, which is aligned with Air India rules guidelines, which says toy guns are not allowed as carry-on baggage.

My grievance is not for carry-on baggage. My grievance is that Air India did not allow me to carry a toy gun as a checked-in luggage.

Since I not getting satisfying response from Air India so looking forward this complaint hub citizen community can support me getting answer why I was not allowed to carry toy gun as a carried-in luggage and why I am not geting proper response from Air India staff.


Dear @bpant

In your case where you are being denied by the staff of Air India to carry a toy gun, as you have already lodged your complaint with Air India and its nodal officers and Appellate Officers., you can now file your complaint against Air India to the Airsewa Nodal Officer of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India.

If you have not escalated your complaints to the Appellate Authority of Air India, first escalate it to the official through their official website or provided contact details such as phone number and email.

Finally, you can also lodge a public grievance to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to get help regarding this disputed matter of flight passenger rights and security.

Dear Team,

I have file complaint against Air India to the Airsewa Nodal Officer of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India.

When I send email to Air India, I have copied below email address in email communication as a escalation point but there is no response from them.,

Bhupesh Pant

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Hello All,

I got the same response for the case I raised with Air India and in the AirSewa portal. I considered the behaviour of Air India staff to be extremely unprofessional because they closed the incident without my confirmation or resolving the grievance. Now, I don’t have any option to reach out them.

Air India’s response to the grievance which I raised, tries to showcase the positive aspects of Air India services while manipulating the facts (which I highlighted in my last reponse which could not be read, I suppose), taking sides in the negligence of Air India staff gives a negative impression and makes us regret choosing Air India Airlines. Unfortunately, my complaint about the travel inconvenience is not being taken seriously.

I would like to reach to right team so can support me in this matter. For this, I am looking forward of your support.

Bhupesh Pant


We have provided all the available avenues to lodge your complaints related to Air India Airlines. If you are not satisfied with the final response from the AirSewa Nodal Officer, you can lodge a public grievance to the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) through the Centralised Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) - PG portal of the central government of India.

Within your grievance, try to provide all the supporting evidence, and communications with Air India and AirSewa Nodal Officer with reference/acknowledgement ID. Also, highlight your concerns.

Detailed instructions are provided in the post of AirSewa Nodal Officer, you may reread it.


I filed a complaint with CPGRAMS, but the same Air India Nodel officer closed my case. Once again, the incident is forcefully being brought to a close.

I felt terrible witnessing the lack of transparency in addressing passenger concerns within the system.

Are there any alternatives to empower passengers and prevent them from being misguided?

Bhupesh Pant

Finally, you can lodge a public grievance to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). For violation of consumer rights, you may approach the National Consumer Helpline (NCH) to make an informal consumer complaint against Air India.