How to file a flight complaint to Air India?

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To file a flight complaint to Air India, you can follow these steps:

Calling Air India Customer Service Number:

Call on these toll-free Flights Helpline Numbers:

  1. International Customer Care Number: +911169329333, +911169329999

  2. Customer Care Number (India ): +911169329333, +911169329999, 18602331407

  3. WhatsApp: +9667034444

Using the Contact Us Form Again: Reference your complaint number in the message.

Global Contact Center Hotline:

Country Hotline Number
USA +1-888-634-1407 (Toll Free)
Canada +1-888-634-1407 (Toll Free)
UK +44-203-757-2760
Australia +61-3-701-98270
France +33-1-874-06644
Germany +49-6925511337
Singapore +65-3157-3780

Online Complaint Registration:

  1. Head to the Air India Website: Visit the official Air India website (

  2. Locate the Complaint Section: Navigate to the “Customer Support” or “Contact Us” section. You might also find a dedicated “Complaints” or “Feedback” section.

  1. Find the Complaint Form: Look for an option to “File a Complaint,” “Submit Feedback,” or similar wording. Select this option to access the complaint form.

  2. Fill Out the Form: Provide details about your flight, including:

    • Booking reference number
    • Flight date and route
    • Nature of your complaint (e.g., delayed flight, damaged baggage, rude staff)
  3. Enter Your Contact Information: Include your email address and phone number for further communication.

  4. Attach Supporting Documents (Optional): If you have any documents that support your claim (e.g., boarding pass, receipts, photos), attach them to the complaint form.

  5. Submit and Note Your Reference Number: Once you’ve filled out the form and attached any documents, submit your complaint. Make sure to note down the unique reference number assigned to your complaint for future reference.


  1. Check for Response: Air India typically aims to respond to complaints within 24 hours. Keep an eye on your email for their response.
  2. No Response?: If you haven’t received a response within a reasonable timeframe (around 3 days), follow up with Air India’s customer service. You can do this by:

Escalation of Flight Grievance:

  1. Dissatisfied with Response?: If Air India’s initial response doesn’t resolve your issue to your satisfaction, escalate the complaint.

  2. Write to Nodal/Appellate Officer: Send an email to or

  3. Send a Detailed Email: Compose a detailed email outlining your complaint, including:

    • Complaint reference number
    • Previous communication with Air India
    • Reason for escalation
    • Send Email to Designated Address: Send the email to the designated email address for the Nodal Officer or Appellate Authority.

Further Action: Approach AirSewa

Still Unresolved?: If escalation through Air India doesn’t work, you can approach these authorities:

  • AirSewa Nodal Officer: File a complaint against Air India to AirSewa Nodal Officer

  • Consumer Protection Organizations: Look for organizations that advocate for flight passenger rights in India.

  • Ministry of Civil Aviation: Lodge a public grievance to the Ministry of Civil Aviation in India through CPGRAMS.

Read more: CPGRAMS - File a Complaint Online to Central Government Department

Legal Advice: Consult a lawyer specializing in aviation issues for guidance.

Remember to Maintain Records

Throughout the complaint process, keep all your travel documents, correspondence with Air India (including emails and reference numbers), and any evidence related to your complaint organized.

Have any questions or need help? Reply with your concerns or ask your question in the Complaint Hub Citizen Community by tapping the “+Ask a Question” button in the Transportation section.

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