Where can you file water complaints to Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP)?

If you have complaints about water services of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran (MJP) in the state of Maharashtra such as issues related to rural/urban water supply including industrial and commercial sectors, payment/billing, water pipe leakages, sewerage (collection, disposal, and treatment of wastewater), and rainwater harvesting and artificial recharge, follow these steps and use the provided contact details & helplines to make your water complaints:

File a water complaint to Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran:

If you want to resolve the complaints of water supply and sewerage, contact the designated official of your Water Supply Station (WSS). At level 1, you can contact the Assistant Engineer of Sub-Divisional Water Works. Further, you can escalate the grievance to the Deputy Engineer of the Divisional Office and then the Executive Engineer (EE) of your Regional Office (WSS).

Steps to file an online complaint:

  • Visit the MJP’s official Website (mjp.maharashtra.gov.in).
  • Login/Register as a citizen to access the online grievance services.
  • Click “Grievance” to open the online complaint form.
  • Select the type of complaint for"faulty meter", “water pressure”, or “quality of the water”.
  • Fill in the form by providing necessary details such as your contact information, the nature of the water complaint, the location of the issue, and any supporting documents if required.
  • Submit the form.

Finally, you will receive a confirmation of your complaint along with a reference ID. You can track the progress of your complaint by using the reference ID provided. For technical issues, while lodging water complaints, email ms-mjp@mah.gov.in or itcell-mjp@mah.gov.in with a screenshot.

Escalate to Head Office:

If the water complaints are not resolved to your expectations by regional offices, you may also write a complaint letter to the Head Office of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran at:

  • Phone Number: +912227571625
  • Email: headquarters@mjp.gov.in
  • Address: Headquarters, Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran, Express Towers, 4th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021

Before approaching the head office, must contact your regional office by email or phone number provided in the last section.

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Note: For water-related complaints in Mumbai City, complain to Brahanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and if you are in Navi Mumbai, lodge a water complaint to Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC).

If not resolved by regional offices or local water works stations, you can lodge a public grievance to the Appellate Officer of MJP under the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation through the “Maharashtra Public Grievance Redressal System (PGRS)” of the government of Maharashtra.

:person_tipping_hand:t5: Tips: If you think your consumer rights regarding public utility services are violated by the Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran or water distribution authority in your region, file a complaint to the National Consumer Helpline (NCH) under the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Escalation to Regional Office:

If your previous complaints are not resolved by local water stations, escalate the matter to the Chief Engineer at your regional Office of MJP. You can write a complaint letter including previous reference/ticket ID to get instant help to the officials by calling on the provided contact numbers regarding water supply in your region.

1. Amaravati Region

Sub-Divisional Water Works Phone Number Email
Amaravati (Regional Office) +917212664292 ce.mjp-amaravati@mah.gov.in
Amaravati (SE) +917212663235 semjpamravati@gmail.com
Amaravati (EE) +917212552231 eeur.amravati@gmail.com
WM Amaravati +917232244498 eemjpyavatmal@gmail.com, eewm.amravati@mjp.gov.in
Yavatmal +917232244498 eemjpyavatmal@gmail.com
Akola (SE) +917242403488 semjp.akola@gmail.com
Akola (EE) +917252232071 eemjpda@gmail.com
Washim +917252232071 eeur.washim@gmail.com
Buldhana +917262242457 eeur.bhuldhana@gmail.com

2. Aurangabad Region

Sub-Divisional Water Works Phone Number Email
Aurangabad (Regional Office) +912402371386 ce.mjp-aurangabad@mah.gov.in
Aurangabad (SE) +912402370239 semjpabd@gmail.com
Aurangabad (EE) +912402328406 eemjpabd@gmail.com, ajaysingh.1@gmail.com
Beed +91244222236, +91244222237 eemjpbeed@gmail.com
Jalna +91248224189 ex.engineermjp@gmail.com
Latur +91238220148 semjplatur@gmail.com
Latur (EE) +912382223030 eemjplatur@gmailcom
Osmanabad +912472251767 eemjposd@rediffmail.com
Nanded (SE) +912462262317 semjpnanded@gmail.com
Nanded (EE) +912462262259 eemech.nanded@mjp.gov.in
Parbhani +912452234698 eemjpparbhani@gmail.com

3. Kokan Region

Sub-Divisional Water Works Phone Number Email
Kokan (Regional Office) +912225321860 ce.mjp-thane@mah.gov.in
Thane (SE) +912225328532 seur.thane@gmail.com
Thane (EE) +912225368375 thanedivision456@gmail.com
Ambernath +912512602348 eewmamb@gmail.com
Palghar eewm.virar@mjp.gov.in
Panvel (SE) +912227490920 semjpcpanvel@gmail.com
Panvel (EE) +912227464400 eewmpanvel@gmail.com
Mangaon +912140263090 eemjp_mangaon@ediffmail.com
Ratnagiri +912352222518 ee.oros@mjp.gov.in
Sindhudurg +912362228082 ee.ors@mjp.gov.in

4. Nagpur Region

Sub-Divisional Water Works Phone Number Email
Nagpur (Regional Office) +917122545573 ce.mjp-nagpur@mah.gov.in
Nagpur (SE) +917122558423 se.nagpur@mjp.gov.in
WM, Nagpur (EE) +917122560146 eewm.nagpur@mjp.gov.in
WM, Nagpur (EE) +917172250572 secircleehandrapur@gmail.com
Chandrapur +917172250597 ee.chandrapur@mjp.gov.in
Vardha +917152242470 mjpwaedha32@gmail.com
Nagpur +917122560877 ee.nagpur@mjp.gov.in
Gondia +917186250677 N/A

5. Nashik Region

Sub-Divisional Water Works Phone Number Email
Nashik (Regional Office) +91253460049 ce.mjp-nashik@mah.gov.in
Nashik (SE) se.nashik@mjp.gov.in
WM Nashik +912532577021 se.nashik@mjp.gov.in
Jalgaon (SE) +917122560877
Jalgaon (EE) +912572233074 ee.jalgaon@mjp.gov.in
Ahmednagar (SE) +912412430042 semjpanr@gmail.com
Ahmednagar (EE) +912412430992 ee.ahmednagar2017@gmail.com
Sagamner +912425225393 ee.sangamner@mjp.gov.in

6. Pune Region

Sub-Divisional Water Works Phone Number Email
Pune (Regional Office) +912029706072 ce.mjp-pune@mah.gov.in
Pune (SE) +912026138332 semjppun@gmail.com
Pune 1 +912029522156 eemjpdevpune@gmail.com
Pune 2 +912029706061 eedivpune2@gmail.com
Satara +912162221682 eewmsatara111@gmail.com
Karad +912164229946 mjpkarad@gmail.com
Sangli (SE) +912332322441 mjpsangli@gmail.com
Sangli (EE) +912332322884 mjpsangli@gmail.com
Kolhapur +912312537751 eemjpkopdn@gmail.com
Solapur +912172311692, +912172311693 mjpsolapur@rediffmail.com

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