Complaint Regarding Faulty AirPods Pro - Urgent Resolution Required

Hi all,
I am writing to express my deep dissatisfaction and frustration regarding a recent experience I had with my AirPods Pro, which I purchased in December 2021.
Within just six months of purchase, I encountered significant issues with my AirPods Pro. They stopped working entirely, necessitating repair. Despite being under warranty, this was an inconvenience I did not expect so soon after purchasing what is marketed as a premium product.
Regrettably, the problems persisted. Even after the initial repair, the right-side AirPod ceased to charge and failed to connect to my phone via Bluetooth. As a result, I was unable to use them effectively, rendering the product virtually useless.
Seeking a resolution, I took the AirPods Pro to authorized service centers, only to be given an invoice of INR 25400/- for repair and another Service Centre said that the issues were irreparable effectively implying that my investment in Apple’s product was disposable after a mere six months of use.
I wrote to apple about it and have been given a run around. One says it’s a technical issue so mail to technical guy (without giving me any mail id that I should approach). On live chat I was give a feedback link to post my grievance and nothing was done about it or I have not been able to find any resolution anywhere. I urge you to please guide my further action on this as I am clueless on what to do. Whether through a replacement of the faulty AirPods Pro or an alternative solution. What do I do?

Dear @Pathvandana

For the complaints regarding your airpod, you can first, again visit the nearest apple authorized service center with your previous repair bill. You can also book an appointment for a service request by submitting an online appointment form at apple’s official support website.

Additionally, you can submit an onlinecomplaint form for the technical support.

To know, all the available options where you can complain, please read: Where to file an Apple device complaint?

In case of India, if your problem still persist, you may escalate the case to Grievance Officer of Apple.

Further, you can contact the National Consumer Helpline (NCH) for an informal consumer complaint against Apple.

If you still need help, reply it.