Discrimination at Service center


I am writing this to you to surface a concern I came across at Rithvikaa cars pvt ltd, Anantapur, Andhrapradesh.

I had submitted my Tata Nexon XZA plus (MH05 DS 7496) on 6th of April 2024. As I was not sure what exactly was wrong with the car, I had to drop at service center.

Initially I could see a reluctance from the staff to accept my car as they kept on convincing me to tow the car to Bangalore. As the charges to tow were 15k plus, I opted to get my car repaired in service center. I could see the reluctance when I told them that I want to get my car repaired here.

Now, its been almost 10 days, I have no update on my car, not even the provisional diagnosis of whats wrong with my car. I keep calling Mr. Kumar from service center but all I get is some or the other reasons for the delay. If it takes more than 10 days to diagnose a petty issue, I am not sure how long its going to take to get the car actually repaired.

Now its very clear that my car is from Maharashtra and I am not from Andhrapradesh, they are not taking any action and trying to delay as much as they can. It is impossible for me to travel 700km just to take an update on my car.

I am hoping this complaint falls on right ears and an action is implemented on my complaint. If you can’t implement diversity and inclusion in your service center, then there is no point in calling yourself and myself a part of TATA family.


Dear @Ashish

If you have any complaints regarding the services of Tata Motors, first file a complaint to the customer care team through:

If still not resolved, you may contact Regional Manager of Tata Motors. For more help, visit the official website of Tata Motors: Support (tatamotors.com)

If you need more help, please reply with attempted resolution methods with Tata Motors.