How do I write a clear and concise complaint to Consumer Forum?

Here’s how you can write a well-organized consumer complaint to the Consumer Forum as per the CPA:


1. Introduction:

  • Briefly state your name, address, and contact information.
  • Mention the name and address of the opposite party (seller/service provider).

:mega: Tips: You can also file a complaint online to the consumer commission through the E-DAAKHIL portal (in case of India).

2. Details of the Complaint:

  • Describe the product or service you purchased.
  • Include the date and place of purchase (attach scanned copies of receipts/bills).
  • Clearly mention the issue you faced with the product or service. Be specific about the defect, deficiency, or unfair practice.
  • Mention any attempts you made to resolve the issue with the seller/service provider. Include dates and details of communication (attach copies of emails, letters, etc., if available).

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3. Relief Sought:

  • Clearly describe what you expect as a resolution from the forum. This could be a repair/replacement of the product, a refund, compensation for damages, or discontinuation of an unfair practice.

4. Conclusion:

  • Briefly reiterate the key points of your complaint.
  • Express your hope for a fair and fast resolution.

5. Signatures and Date:

  • Include your signature and date at the bottom.
  • If you’re represented by a lawyer, include their details as well.

Tips for Clarity and Conciseness:

  • Use simple and professional language.
  • Maintain a factual tone, avoiding emotional outbursts.
  • Focus on the key details of your case.
  • Attach relevant documents to support your claims.
  • Proofread the complaint for any errors before submitting it.

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