What documents do I need to file a complaint to Consumer Forum (National Consumer Helpline)?

The National Consumer Helpline (NCH) portal, also known as INGRAM, acts as an informal facilitator to register your grievance and doesn’t function as a court itself (Consumer Forum).

However, to strengthen your case, NCH recommends including the following documents when filing your complaint against a company or its products/services:

Proof of Purchase:

  • Copies of bills, receipts, or invoices for the product or service in question.

  • Bank statements reflecting the transaction, if applicable.
    Copies of any warranty or contract documents.

Evidence of the Problem:

  • Clear photographs or video recordings depicting any product damage or malfunction.

  • Estimates for repairs, if you’ve sought them.

  • Medical reports documenting any injuries sustained due to the faulty product/service (if relevant).

  • Copies of email exchanges, letters, or call logs with the seller showcasing your attempts to resolve the issue.

Consumer Details:

  • A copy of your government-issued ID as proof of identity.
  • A document verifying your address.

While not mandatory, you may also include:

A copy of the notice you sent to the seller outlining the problem (if applicable).
A notarized affidavit depending on your specific case (consult a lawyer for guidance on this).

Please Note:

Submit scanned copies of all documents while filing your complaint on the NCH (INGRAM) portal.

For a formal consumer complaint and definitive requirements, you may consult from a lawyer to file an appeal to the Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (CDRC) at the National, State, or District levels.

Additional Resources:

You can find more information on consumer rights and grievance redressal on the Department of Consumer Affairs website: https://consumeraffairs.nic.in/

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