How to contact Mi customer service of Xiaomi in European Countries?

If you belong to a country in Europe and have complaints about the products, services, and accessories of Xiaomi, contact these Mi customer service numbers to get help or report your concerns.

You can also email or get help from the Mi support team by submitting a complaint online or chatting live. For this, visit the contact page of the Xiaomi website. From the support page, you can also book an appointment to repair your device from an authorized service center.

Mi Customer Service:

Country Customer Service Number
Belarus 8-820-0071-3000
Belgium 800-31221
Czech +420-800-701-541
France 0805-370-916
Germany 0800-223-11-44
Greece 211-999-1515 (Customer Service) / 211-234-5544 (Technical Support)
Italy 800-690-921
Kazakhstan 8-800-100-30-00
Netherland 0800-3344553
Poland +48-800-111-332
Portugal 351-800-600-908
Romania 800-885835
Russia 8-800-775-66-15
Spain 900-128-128
United Kingdom 0800-021-1888

For global support, email to

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Note: If you are a consumer from an Asian country, visit “Mi customer support in Asia”.

If your complaints are not resolved to your satisfaction or your consumer rights are violated, you may file a consumer complaint to the consumer protection authority of your country. Alternatively, you may try to start an arbitration or mediation (if the disputed matter involves monetary losses).

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