Where can you file a complaint about Mumbai Local Train?

These are some ways to file a complaint about your experience on the Mumbai Local Trains, depending on the nature of your issue and your preferred method.

Online Complaint:


  • You can send your complaint feed and suggestions directly via SMS to +919717630982. Briefly describe the issue, including the date and details relevant to your complaint.

Contacting Officials:

Helpline Numbers:

  • General Enquiry: For general inquiries about the train schedule or operations and complaints, dial 139.

  • Security Issues: If you experience any security concerns while travelling, contact the Railway Security Force helpline at 182.

  • Local Train Status: Get real-time updates on train delays or cancellations by calling 18002124502 (Western Line) or 18002124501 (Central Line).

Mobile App:

  • Download the RailMadad app on your smartphone for a convenient way to register complaints and track their resolution.

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Tips:

  • When filing a complaint, be sure to provide clear and detailed information, including the date, time, location (station or train number), and a description of the issue.

  • Attach any relevant evidence like photos or videos of the train or incident if possible to strengthen your case.

  • Keep a record of your complaint reference number for future reference and track its progress.

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