Where to contact Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Delhi Police?

If the police complaints are not satisfactorily resolved at the local police station or the case is more complex or serious criminal or civil matters, you can escalate it to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Delhi Police of your respective district. You can get help from the designated DCP by contacting the provided phone number or email.

If you want to file an FIR or police complaint, first visit the nearest police station or submit an e-fir or online complaint through the CCTNS portal for Delhi Police.

Contact details of DCP:

District Phone Numbers Email
East +911121210501, +911122232106 dcp.east@delhipolice.gov.in
North-East +911122829325, +911122829331 dcp.ne@delhipolice.gov.in
Shahdara +911121210801, +911121210804 dcp-shahdara@delhipolice.gov.in
South +911126857726, +911126858366 dcp.south@delhipolice.gov.in
South-East +911126825544, +911126825822 dcp.se@delhipolice.gov.in
West +911125453992, +911125166508 dcp.west@delhipolice.gov.in
New Delhi +911123747777, +911123347184 dcp.nd@delhipolice.gov.in
South-West +911126140002, +911126140003 dcp.sw@delhipolice.gov.in
Dwarka +911128042990, +911128042984 dcp-dwk-dl@delhipolice.gov.in
Outer +911127034874, +911127034873 dcp.outer@delhipolice.gov.in
North-West +911127229835, +911127462222 dcp.nw@delhipolice.gov.in
Outer North +911121710102, +911121710103 dcp.outernorth@delhipolice.gov.in
Rohini +911127579001, +911127579004 dcp-rohini-dl@delhipolice.gov.in
Central +911123261377, +911123341727 dcp.central@delhipolice.gov.in
North +911123817012, +911123811770 dcp.north@delhipolice.gov.in
HQ-I +911123473547 dcphq1.welfare@delhipolice.gov.in
HQ-II +911123473560 dcp.hdqtr2@delhipolice.gov.in
HQ-III +911123473529 dcp.estt.@delhipolice.gov.in

For complaints related to cybercrime, contact your district cyber police in Delhi.

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