How can I file shipment complaints of FedEx?

If you have a complaint about a FedEx shipment, logistics service, delivery, or experience, this is a guide on how to file complaints about FedEx, including contact details and steps for escalation:

Contact FedEx Customer Service

1. Phone Number:

  • FedEx Express, Ground, Home Delivery Hotline: 1800-GoFedEx (1800-463-3339)
  • International Customer Service: 1800-247-4747
  • TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf): 1800-238-4461
  • Billing Inquiry: 1800-622-1147
    • FedEx Freight: 1866-393-4585

2. Email:

3. Online:

  • Track Your Shipment: Use the FedEx tracking tool on their website to check the status and initiate a trace if needed.
  • FedEx Website: Visit the “Contact FedEx (” section for various online support options.

If you have complaints regarding the Small Business Center, call 18773392774 or contact FedEx online.

When contacting customer service:

  • Have your tracking number (if applicable) ready.
  • Clearly explain the issue (delayed delivery, damaged package, billing error, etc.).
  • Provide all relevant details (dates, descriptions, supporting documents).
  • Note the reference number for your case.

To know the contact details of other departments, visit: Filing a complaint to FedEx

Escalate to FedEx Head Office

If your issue isn’t resolved at Level 1, escalate it to FedEx’s head office:

  • Postal Mail: FedEx Express: FedEx Customer Relations, 3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634, Memphis, TN 38116.
    • FedEx Ground: 1000 FedEx Drive, Moon Township, PA 15108.
  • Online: Visit the “Contact FedEx” section of their website to find executive contacts or a general inquiry form.

When escalating, provide:

  • Reference your previous case number.
  • Summarize the issue and any prior communication.
  • Clearly state what resolution you’re seeking.

Approach the Consumer Protection Forum

If you are still unsatisfied, file a consumer complaint to Federal Trade Commission (FTC)** or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for general consumer complaints or issues with unfair business practices.

If you are from outside of USA, contact your State’s Consumer Protection Agency for complaints specific to your state’s laws.

If all else fails, you can explore legal options, such as you may start an arbitration, a less formal legal process where a neutral third party helps resolve the dispute. Further, you may approach the Small Claims Court.

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Tips:

  • Keep records of all communication, tracking numbers, and receipts.
  • Explain your issue with Order ID and other factual evidence and the desired outcome.
  • Try to know the consumer protection laws and shipping regulations.

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