How can you complain about Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB)?

If you are the customer of Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) or have ccomplaints about electricity services in capital of Colombo, Kandy, the southern city of Galle, and the northern city of Jaffna, Diyathalawa, Ambalangoda, Vavnia, Kuliyapitiya, Peradeniya, Kegalle, Trincomalee, or other regions in Sri Lanka, use these hotlines or follow the steps to lodge your power complaint:

Contact Customer Service:

  • 24/7 CEB Hotline: Call 1987 for immediate assistance in case of emergency (no power supply).
  • Online Complaint: Visit the official CEB portal at and submit the online complaint form.
  • In-Person: Visit your nearest CEB office and speak to a customer service representative. Use the office locator on the CEB website.

You can also send a detailed email with supporting documentation to the provided email address. Ask to the customer service representatives to get the email for customer support.

When filing a complaint, provide your Account Number, Name and Address, Contact Number, and a clear Complaint Detail. Include any Supporting Evidence such as photos, videos, or documents.

Contact Area Offices:

If your problems are not resolve then reach out to the regional offices in your province or district. The contact details, including phone numbers and emails, are available here: CEB Hotlines to file complainta to Ceylon Electricity Board.

Further, you may contact the provinicial offices here:

Province Phone Number Email
North Central Province 0252221747
Northern Province 0212222496
Central Province 0812234000
Sabaragamuwa Province 0452226888
North Western Province 0372281311
Western Province North 0114344709
Southern Province 0912232092
Uva Province 0552222474
Western Province South II 01128806959
Eastern Province 0262222666
Western Province South I 0114215334

Escalation to Divisional Office:

If your issue is not resolved within a reasonable time, escalate it to the Divisional Offices of the CEB. These are contact details of senior officers and divisional offices:

Division Phone Number Email
Division 01 0112335922
Division 02 0112431598
Division 03 0112868576
Division 04 0112124900

Approaching the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL):

Before approaching PUCSL, ensure you have already filed a complaint with CEB and have evidence of their response or lack thereof.

Contat details to filing a Complaint to PUCSL:

  • Phone Number: +94112392607
  • Fax: +94112392641
  • Email:
  • Address: Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka, 6th Floor, BOC Merchant Tower, St. Michael’s Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.

Contact Regional Office, Jaffna:

  • Phone Number: +94212222333
  • Email:
  • Address: Regional Office, Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka, No. 2/1, 2nd Floor, KKS Road, Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

Provide details of your complaint, evidence of your initial complaint to CEB, and any responses received. Also, include your contact details and preferred communication method.

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Tips: Visit the official websites of CEB and PUCSL for the most current contact information and procedures. This will ensure that your complaint is registered correctly and handled efficiently.

Still, have questions? :thinking: ask by replying below. :point_down:t5: We will help you to resolve it.