How can I file a complaint against ola and its auto driver?

How can I file a complaint against ola and its auto driver? The driver charged me double and told me that he will pay back if he received the money the next day. After thousands of follow ups the driver blocked my number and never paid back my amount. I tried thousands of times to complain to ola customer care service nobody responded to contiinous emails and phone calls. I want to file police complaint against the driver as well as ola cabs

Dear @Shalaka

If your complaints about overcharging fares by cab drivers are not resolved by Ola cabs support and its senior officials, initially you may file an informal consumer complaint to the National Consumer Helpline (NCH).

Further, you may lodge an online consumer complaint against Ola Cabs to the Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (Consumer Court) with all supporting evidence.

For more help, read: How to file a consumer complaint to Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (Consumer Court) on E-DAAKHIL?

For cheating and fraud, you can file a police complaint against the Ola cab driver or e-FIR through the online CCTNS portal of the respective state or UT police.

To help you decide whether to file a police complaint, please tell me:

  • City and state of the incident: To help me determine the appropriate police station or online portal for filing a police complaint.

I hope you will provide this information. Don’t hesitate to ask, if you have any other questions.

:person_tipping_hand:t5: Tip: Always be cautious, don’t pay extra or trust anyone. Only use the official channels of respective cab aggregators for payment.

Thank you for your reply. My citiy and state is: Pune, Maharashtra

Dear @Shalaka

You can use the Citizen portal of Maharashtra Police to file an online police complaint or e-FIR to the respective local police station of Pune City.

For more help, read: How can I file a police complaint or FIR to Maharashtra State Police?

Still, have any doubts? Ask by replying to me.

Thank you for the information. Does it cost anything? Also do I have to pay anything to file a Complaint or does it involve any kind of bribary?

Dear @Shalaka

No, you don’t have to pay the fee or bribery. The citizen service of the state police is free of cost and transparent. While making your complaint, provide all the supporting documents, if possible. After successfully lodging your police complaint, note down the reference/case number to track your complaint.