How can I file booking complaints of

If you’re experiencing issues with services – whether it’s a problem with a reservation, online bookings (flights, accommodations, hotels, car rentals, or taxies), misleading property descriptions, unexpected charges, or difficulty getting a refund – rest assured and follow these steps to file your booking complaints:

Contact Customer Support

Begin by reaching out to’s customer support team. You can do this via:

  • Helpline: Dial the customer service number +442033202625 ((only for accommodation) to get immediate help.
  • Live Chat: Use the 24×7 online live chat feature for real-time support. For this, visit the portal and “Login with your account” or use “Confirmation Number” and “PIN” to raise your concerns.

You may also send a detailed email to the support team outlining your concerns. But. you have to first contact customer support by live chat, hotline, or online complaint form.

Provide necessary details when contacting support, such provide your booking number, the nature of your complaint, and any relevant evidence such as e-invoices or correspondence.

Escalation to Grievance Officer

If your issue remains unresolved or you’re dissatisfied with the response, escalate your complaint to the appointed Grievance Officer at (In India and other countries where applicable).

You can email, submit an online complaint form, or direct message via your registered account to the grievance officer.

Approaching Consumer Forums

As a final action, if the Grievance Officer’s resolution is unsatisfactory or has violated your consumer rights, you may approach the National Consumer or Trade Protection Authority of your country.

Be sure to provide all pertinent information related to your purchase, including proof of service quality and reasons for dissatisfaction.

For example:

For other countries, know all National Consumer Authorities.

Note: For any disputes regarding the quality of foods and health products served by the hotels or any accommodation, you may complain to the respective Food Regulatory Authority of your country. For example - if you are in India, lodge your food complaints with FSSAI.

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Tips:

  • Don’t forget to keep a record of all communications and reference numbers throughout the process to track the progress of your complaint.
  • Always carefully review the property’s cancellation and refund policies before booking to understand any potential fees or restrictions.
  • Take screenshots of your booking confirmation, any relevant conversations with the property or, and any discrepancies you encounter to have clear evidence.

Hope, this helps you understand the process of filing and escalating complaints with

If you require further assistance :technologist:t5:, feel free to reply to us. :point_down:t5: We will help you to resolve it.