How can I make power & natural gas complaints about Direct Energy?

To make a power or natural gas complaint about Direct Energy, you can follow these steps:

Contact Customer Support

  • Hotline for Texas Customers: Call 1888-305-3828 for any issues or complaints regarding your service. Call 1855-461-1926 to report an issues related to placing an order.

  • Northeast and Midwest Customers: Use the provided customer service numbers of respective state power & gas distributor to get in touch with customer support.

  • Email: Send your email to (for Texas customers). If you are from outside of Texas, email to

:tipping_hand_woman:t5: Note: Call customer service at 1888-305-3828 to transfer your service. The representatives are available to assist you Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET and Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET.

Filing a complaint online

  • Access Account Manager: Log in to your Online Account Manager to submit an online complaint form on official website of Direct Energy.
  • Navigate to Support: Look for the customer support or help section.
  • Select ‘Contact Us’: Choose the option to file a complaint by submitting the online form or report an issue.
  • Provide Details: Fill in the details of your complaint, including any relevant account information and the nature of the power issue.
  • Submit: Review your complaint for accuracy and submit it.

Public Utility Commission

Have your complaints not been resolved by Direct Energy? To file a utility complaint against Direct Energy with the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT), you can use the following contact details:

  • Phone Number: Call 1888-782-8477 or 512-936-7120 for Austin area.

  • Fax: Send a fax to 1512-936-7003.

  • Email: Write an email to

  • Online Complaint Form: File an informal complaint using the online complaint form ( available on the PUCT website.

  • Postal Mail: Send a letter to Public Utility Commission of Texas, P.O. Box 13326, Austin, TX 78711-3326.

Before filing a complaint with the PUCT, it’s recommended to contact Direct Energy first and allow them to address your complaint. If you’re not satisfied with the resolution, proceed with filing a complaint with the PUCT. Remember to understand your rights as a utility customer before filing a complaint.

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Tips:

  • Keep a record of your complaint reference number and follow up if necessary.
    Remember, for immediate assistance, especially in case of a power outage or natural gas leak, it’s important to call the hotline directly.

If the problem persists or is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may consider escalating the complaint to higher authorities or consumer protection agencies of respective Public Utility Commission.

Still, have questions? :thinking: Ask by replying to us, :point_down:t5: We will help you to resolve it.