How to write a Police FIR (Format)?

You can write an FIR in this format to submit to the nearest police station. This example is for a Theft report:

The State Vs. [Unknown Person(s)]

1. Information Received:

  • Date: [Date of filing the FIR]
  • Time: [Time of filing the FIR]
  • Place of Information: [Police Station Name], [District]

2. Informant/Complainant Details:

  • Name: [Your Full Name]
  • Address: [Your Complete Address]
  • Contact Information (Optional): [Phone number & Email]

3. Details of the Incident:

  • Date of Incident: [Date the theft occurred] (if different from the filing date)
  • Time of Incident: [Approximate time the theft occurred] (if known)
  • Location of Incident: [Full address or description of the place where the theft happened]

4. Description of Offence:

  • Sections of the IPC: Section 379 (Theft) of the Indian Penal Code

5. Description of the Stolen Property:

  • Provide a clear description of the stolen items, including:
    • Type of item (e.g., mobile phone, jewelry, cash)
    • Brand (if applicable)
    • Model number (if applicable)
    • Any distinguishing marks or features
    • Estimated value of each item

6. Suspect Information (if known):

  • Provide any details about the suspect(s) such as:
    • Names (if known)
    • Physical descriptions (height, weight, hair color, clothing)
    • Escape route (if witnessed)

7. Witnesses (if any):

  • Provide names and contact details (if known) of any witnesses to the theft.

8. Additional Information:

  • Briefly describe any evidence you have related to the theft, like CCTV footage, receipts for stolen items, etc.

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9. Prayer:

I request that an FIR be registered under relevant sections of the IPC for the theft of my property. I also request a thorough investigation to recover the stolen items and apprehend the culprit(s).

10. Verification:

  • I, [Your Name], hereby declare that the information provided in this FIR is true to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of Informant/Complainant


Note: This is a sample format and the specific content may vary depending on the nature of the incident. It’s always best to report the crime in person at the police station. They will guide you through the FIR filing process.

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