Where can I complain about bus services of KSRTC (Karnataka Roadways)?

To file a complaint regarding the bus services of Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), you can follow these steps:

KSRTC Helplines:

  • Customer Care: Call KSRTC’s passenger helpline number at 08049596666 (call center) for immediate assistance such as complaints, enquiries, or refunds.

  • Operational issues (AWATAR Cell): For cancellation of tickets issues, call the complaint center at 7760990034 / 7760990035 (between 07:00-22:00 hrs on all days) or email to awatar@ksrtc.org (must be reported two hours before departure).

  • Refunds for Online/Mobile Bookings: For mobile booking & failed transactions, call the contact number 7618765800 and 7618765900 (between 10:00 - 17:30 hrs on Monday-Fridays and 10:00 - 13:30 hrs on Saturdays) or onlinerefund@ksrtc.org (if refunds not processed within seven days).

  • Bus Enquiry: Call the enquiry call centre at 080-26252625 or the helpline numbers for control room of central office at 7760990100 / 7760990560.

Helplines of some divisional offices:

Division Helpline Number Email
Bangalore Central 7760990287, 080-29708848 crbcd@ksrtc.org
Mysore 0821-2493885 dcmysore@ksrtc.org
Shivamogga 0818-2266664 dcsmg@ksrtc.org


  • Send your complaint via email to ksrtc@ksrtc.org. Be sure to include all relevant details and any supporting documents.
  • For operational grievances like bus cancellations, breakdowns, service class changes, pickup issues, or complaints against staff, email to ctmopn@ksrtc.org.
  • For bus/vehicle-related issues such as cleanliness, signage, or seat conditions, email to cmem@ksrtc.org.

Online Complaint Registration:

Visit the official KSRTC website (ksrtc.karnataka.gov.in) of Karnataka Roadways and navigate to the ‘Complaints’ section to lodge your complaint online. Fill in the required details and submit.

In case of online booking, visit the “Bus Ticket Booking - KSRTC (ksrtc.in)” portal and navigate to “CRM Support”, then tap “New Support Ticket” to lodge your complaint.

Escalation to Divisional Controller:

If your issue is not resolved satisfactorily, you can escalate it to higher authorities. Contact the Divisional Controller of the respective division or write to the Managing Director at KSRTC’s head office.

  • Address: Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation, Central Office, Post Bag No-2778, KH Road, Shanthinagar, Bengaluru-560027.

Note: For a public grievance regarding KSRTC (such as corruption or working), you can complain to the Department of Transport through the “Janaspandana – Integrated Public Grievance Redressal System (IPGRS)” of Government of Karanataka.

:tipping_hand_man:t5: Tips: Remember to provide a clear description of your complaint, your contact information, and any ticket or bus service details (in case of misconduct, provide the conductor/driver name with bus number) to help resolve your issue efficiently. Keep a record of your complaint reference number for future follow-ups.

If you need further guidance, feel free to ask by replying below! :point_down:t5: