Where to file complaints against Banks or NBFC?

To file complaints against Banks or Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), individuals can approach the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) through the Integrated Ombudsman Scheme. Here’s a detailed guide:

The RBI has established an integrated mechanism for addressing grievances related to banking services. This includes complaints against commercial banks, NBFCs, cooperative banks, and other financial service providers (if not resolved within 30 days).

Steps to File an Online Complaint to RBI:

  • Visit the RBI Portal: Access the online complaint management system (CMS) for lodging complaints at cms.rbi.org.in.
  • Enter Details: Provide the necessary information about the complaint, including personal details and the nature of the grievance.
  • Submit the Complaint: After filling in the details, submit the complaint online.

RBI Helpline Numbers and Contact Details:

:person_tipping_hand:t6: Tips: For complaints related to bribery or allegations of corruption on RBI employees, please report to the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of the Vigilance Department through email at cvo@rbi.org.in with details of the officer.

Contact Details of Consumer Education and Protection Cell (CEP):

  • Email: crpc@rbi.org.in
  • Address: Reserve Bank of India, Consumer Education and Protection Department, Central Office, 1st Floor, Amar Building, Perin Nariman Street, Mumbai – 4000013.

For more personalized assistance, you can also reach out to the regional offices of the RBI or the CEP cells located in major cities. The contact details for these offices are available on the RBI’s official website.

:alarm_clock: Remember: There is no fee for filing a complaint with the RBI Ombudsman, and the acknowledgement receipt time is usually within 5 days. Complaints should be addressed if not resolved by the concerned department within 30 to 60 days.

If unsatisfied with the resolution, one can file an appeal using the reference number of the previous complaint.

For more information, read: Banking Ombudsman, RBI

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